Juiker Privacy Policy

In order to protect your privacy, please read carefully the Privacy Policy of Juiker Applications listed below and note that the Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. We will not abridge the rights given to you by this Privacy Policy without your clear consent. Any updates will be published on Juiker Applications for your review.

I. Collection, Use and Modification of Personal Information

1.Collection of Personal Information

Upon the completion of Juiker membership registration, downloading or using relevant Juiker Applications, Juiker software systems will collect your personally identifiable information on a need-to-know basis according to the services you requested. If you use relevant services of Juiker Applications as a member of a corporate account, the software systems will capture, apart from the information mentioned above, the information of the telephone numbers you dialed and the time you spent on the calls to the corresponding corporate to facilitate the use analysis and account balance check for the corporate member. You agree to have your personal data captured when you download Juiker Applications. If you do not agree to provide Juiker with the above personally identifiable information, please refrain from using Juiker services.

2.Use of Personal Information

Before you request Juiker to delete your personal information from our member databases, we securely collect and store your personal information in our Juiker member databases to allow the systems to conduct the management of technology, telecommunication service, database and membership. Juiker may also combine other information with your personal information for the improvement/development of our products, services, content and advertisement. For instance, your information may be used as follow:

  • Juiker will use your personal information for operational and customer management purposes. The purposes include internal audit, data analysis and research. Your personal information will also be used to inform you of any updates on products, service terms and information.
  • Assist us with the development, delivery and improvement of the products, services, content and advertisement by Juiker.
  • Send out notices related to important information, the modification of terms and conditions of use and policy. However, Juiker is not bound to the obligation to inform you each and every notice.
  • To be used for academic researches and other consulting services.

3.Modification of Personal Information

You may modify your Juiker account information at any time. Unauthorized use of the name or account of other people is prohibited.

4.Deletion of Personal Information

You may request to delete your account and personal information at any time. The information will not be totally removed from our server until due processes are been completed. Our backup system may hold copies of these files to prevent fraud or illegal activities.

5.You are entitled to the following rights upon requested by written notice

  1. (1) Check and access your personally identifiable information
  2. (2) Request for copies of your personally identifiable information
  3. (3) Request for modification and correction of your personally identifiable information
  4. (4) Cease the collection and use of your personally identifiable information
  5. (5) Remove your personally identifiable information from our database

II. Disclosure of your personal information

Except as provided below, or by related legal or governmental requests, Juiker will not sell, lease, trade or transfer any personal and/or traffic data or communications content without your explicit permission.

1.Information that you voluntarily disclose in your user profile, or which you disclose on forums and discussions boards, or comments you post will be publicly available by others, hence, may be reposted or used.

2.In the event of legal requirements, exercise of our legal rights, defense against legal claims, protection of Juiker’s interests, fight against fraud, enforcement of our policies and/or protection of third party’s rights, property, or safety, Juiker may disclose your personal information.

3.In order to provide you with Juiker’s products or services you have requested, Juiker may share your personal and traffic data with Juiker’s affiliates or partner agents. Juiker will always require these third parties to observe relevant laws and take appropriate measures to protect your personal data/traffic data. However, Juiker is not liable for the conducts of its affiliates or partner agents.

4.Some of Juiker products or services may be co-branded and offered together with or via business partners. If you register for or use such products or services, you consent to both Juiker and the business partners’ use of your personal information.

5.Detailed information of all the activities on your Juiker account including but not limited to traffic data, communication data and transaction data may be accessed by Juiker once your permission is granted. You are entitled to withdraw your permission at any time. If you use relevant services of Juiker Applications as a member of a corporate account, you must permit that Juiker may provide the information of the telephone numbers you dialed and the time you spent on the calls to the corresponding corporate. Such permission cannot be reversed.

6.In the event of change of ownership, merger, or acquisition by a third party entity, Juiker will be requested by law to transfer your personal information. Juiker will inform you in advanced in case different privacy policy applied.

III. Other Applications

If you use any add-ons, plugins or third party applications while at the same time using Juiker Applications or use any third party applications or products that incorporate or embed the Juiker Applications (“Applications”), the providers of such Applications may get access to certain of your personal information. Juiker does not and cannot control how the providers of Applications use your personal information. Please ensure that you review the privacy policies or other terms applicable to the use of such Application before installation.

IV. Contact You

1.Juiker may from time to time ask you to provide information on your user experience and it will be used for quality measurement and improvement. You are at no time under any obligation to provide any of such information.

2.Any and all information that you voluntarily submit to Juiker via user feedback or user survey will be used to review the feedback and to improve the Juiker software, products and system.

3.Juiker may send you notifications about faults and service issues. Juiker reserves the right to use the Juiker software or SMS to notify you of any service announcement, administration message and eventual claim with respect to Juiker, Juiker products and Juiker system, including but not limited to claims of the violation of third party rights. You may not opt out of accepting the above notifications.

4.Juiker may use Juiker software or SMS to keep you up to date with information about the Juiker software and Juiker products that you have purchased and/or to inform you about other products or information about Juiker. Please kindly inform us if you do not wish to receive such information.

If you have registered for or use co-branded Juiker services or products, you may receive e-mails or SMS from our business partners on Juiker’s behalf.

V. Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at any time via the “Feedback” function provided by Juiker Applications software system.