If you are having troubles receiving the SMS for verification, the possible reasons might be as follows:

  • 1.Wrong number, please check whether the mobile number you have entered in is correct or not.The SMS may sometimes be delivered late due to the influence of communication environment.You may select 【Resend Verification Code】, the system will immediately resend the SMS with the verification code. The valid period for the verification code is 30 minutes; please enter within the period for it to be effective.
  • 2.Did you apply to the telecommunication company for the service rejection of receiving international SMS?

If you still cannot receive the SMS even if none of the above applies, please email your mobile number to our customer service mailbox at We will provide a set of verification code to you A.S.A.P. after we have further confirmation.

Juiker will provide global launch soon. Please look forward to it.

One mobile number may only be used to proceed with the registration and verification procedure on one smart phone at the present. When you use the same mobile number for the registration and verification on the second mobile phone, please note that the system will delete all of your account data from the previous mobile phone.